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Originally Posted by DownwardSpiral View Post
Ahahaha!!!! No...the only exhausting part is trying to remember all this should see all my scribbled notes...and then writing out these posts.

After I put my Angelite away I think I'll still keep in touch with the Angels. This has definitely been interesting......Angelite has really given me a run for my money....and made me a real believer in the power of crystals : )
I think they are like relatives, once you invite them in they never want to leave hahaha!
I just thought of you because I posted in some other thread and my post was #811 lol!
Since the 8 is a lemniscate symbol on end, it means to me, 811 means Infinity without end of angels

I can see why you'd get sweaty working with Archangel Michael - he's hot! lol! Literally! He works with a sword of flame and governs all heat-related incidences (including hormonal hot flashes!)

So, which crystal is next for you?
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