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3 of Swords

Three of Swords

This card as surprised as I was, cause at first this card was heading for the trash can to be replaced with another card. I took one last look at this before tossing it, when I noticed the home with the window at that it wasn't destroyed (bombed), this then triggered that though that everyone has "waiting for the bomb to drop" or "life dropped a bomb on me"

WINDOW let in light and air allowing you to see and become conscious, day dreaming of a better life or of hope in a better future/situation.

I was then taken back to a time which was most traumatic for me, which I will share with you to put light on the concept of the 3 children in the image.

A little background of this story that I see in the card that relates to my life.

2 1/2 yrs ago I had a beautiful female black min pin. she gave birth to 5 pups, within 24hrs of delivering she died due to eclampsia, she died in my arms, very sad. anyways moving on, I stood there and cried out "What do I do I have 5 brand new babies hrs old" so i went to the vets, went shopping getting bottles etc. I then became their mother, all 5 pups lived. now I kept all five pups and raised after a year I gave 2 of the pups to friends, I then had 3 pups that I called my children. 5 months ago, a freak accident happened, one of my babies either jumped or fell off the couch, I heard the most aweful yip scream it was like nails down a chalk board, one you never want to hear. I turned to look and there on the floor my baby girl couldn't move, she was trying, then the other 2 boys (dogs) went in for the attack, and tried kill her, biting her, and the screaming that was coming from my baby girl (dog), I ran and scooped her up and as I was the boys were still biting her, I began screaming and fight the boys off her. Anyways it was a rush to the emergency 24 hr vet clinic. the Vet looked at her (Baby girl) did a nerve test she then told me baby girl needed to be put down (spinal cord injury between the shoulder blades) I couldn't put my dog down, my heart was broken, the vet gave my baby girl pain and anti inflammatory meds. to give me time to make the decision and keep baby girl comfy. I went outside and I did lean up against the wall of the vet clinic just like the lady in the image of the card. the cross she hold represents my prayer, I asked for a sign to show me the way in what was in the best interest for my dog. do I put her down or is there hope. after an hour I was laying on the floor with my dog, it was the safest place for her. I cried and petted her showed her my love, the vet was with me, and the next thing my baby girl wagged her tail, I looked at the vet and said did you see that, she said yes. that was my sign. the vet let me take her home for a few hours, but needed to bring her back in morning. My baby girl walks and runs on 3 legs, her 4th leg is a propeller. Due to this freak accident I had to give up my other 2 dogs ( which broke my heart, these were my kids, I bottle fed them), to be able to devote 24hr one on one care, and for her future, cause she can't be around other dogs, even in play cause she can easily get re injured, and we may not be so lucky. My Vet and Staff, friend, all say she is a miracle, a paralyzed dog from the neck down to be running.

so I must say this card didn't end up in the trash after all.

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