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On the 6 of Wands, Fingerpin stands on a small platform. He looks proud and a bit mischievous, and holds a whip in his right hand – he didn’t get here by being sugary-sweet! To get as far as Fingerpin, you have to be assertive and determined, and you can’t be afraid to put your foot down! Fingerpin has a very high hat on, maybe to show that he has very high ambitions?

Graham writes that Fingerpin is the ringmaster, the supervisor in charge of the performances in the circus, so he must have a bunch of responsibilities! The whole show depends on Fingerpin, and everyone is counting on him to bring it to a good end (what a stressful job!). The show has ended now and luckily, it was a big success.

A smiling Ludwig, King of Wands, approaches Fingerpin to congratulate him. In the thread on Ludwig, I wrote:
I think Ludwig symbolises that part of ourselves that drives us on to reach the top, that what makes us prove our independence and makes us show just what we are made of!
Fingerpin must have listened very well to Ludwig’s advice: Ludwig even awards Fingerpin with a bouquet of wands, a trophy for all his hard work! What an honour! This really is Fingerpin’s moment in the spotlight – I imagine the audience watching the scene out of our view, cheering and applauding.

The stripes on the circus tent look like rays of light and seem to stress this glorious moment. In the corner stands something that we can only guess is a giant dice to show the workings of fate. Fate has brought Fingerpin to this wonderful event!


PS: Where the heck is everyone?! It's way to quiet here!
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