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Thanks so much for all your persistence and insight with the Study Groups, Livia!

In my copy of the book (first edition, I think it's mostly second edition on sale by now?) it says an angel touches her head, not an eagle. Not sure how that got changed.

The significance of the Italian Greyhound is fairly personal. This card was made for a wonderful friend who happens to have an Italian Greyhound called Bella - who I love to bits, even though I'm 100% a "cat person". Dogs generally symbolise loyalty, and the most common type of dogs in Renaissance paintings were of course Italian Greyhounds, so there was also that meaning.

My favourite story about this card I mentioned on the original thread. My 90 year old Grandma (an ex-art teacher, whose husband was killed in the war over 50 years ago, and who never remarried) took one look and said "Huh! He hasn't got much to love with, has he?". I love her sense of humour
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