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Your grandma is a hoot Retrokat.
Maybe that's why the angel has to give her some extra encouragement......

One of the things I really love about this deck is all the Italian Greyhounds in it.
Since I have one myself and adore him.
They really are very special, unique little dogs.

The man on the Lovers card looks just like my brother-in-law Harry.
Well, at least from the neck up.

They look so shy like a couple on a first date.
I notice that all of the animals are on her side.
The dog and the little bird at her feet, and the bigger bird above her head.
Almost like chaperones.
She's tentative and undecided about him.
His hand movements say "Will you have me?"
Her hand says "Who me?"
But we get the feeling that with the angels prompting she'll have him in the end.
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