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Originally Posted by shadowdancer View Post
I.....My take? I think we have perhaps gone just a little too far......
Who is "we?"

I suppose Tarot provides a handy niche for deck creators and book writers. They must be a really dedicated bunch, because there can't be a lot of financial profit in it. Personally, I'm not interested in most of the new decks and systems that appear so frequently, but I'm not one to say that they don't serve a larger purpose of which I'm not aware. People get excited over every new gimmick that comes along. Maybe they need the stimulation or something.

I see three main trends in Tarot design: 1) The traditional decks, of which the most common representative is the Tarot de Marseille. This category established the basic structure of Tarot, which later decks must conform to in some significant way in order to be considered Tarot. 2) The fin de siecle Golden Dawn conception of Tarot, which resulted from the astonishing discovery of an undeniable (and highly improbable) parallel between Tarot and Qabalah. Among the fruits of this discovery were the Rider-Waite and the revolutionary Crowley Thoth decks. 3) The so-called clones and derivatives of the aforementioned, which are now glutting the Tarot market. Among these are some worthy designs, but a lot are trash by anyone's standards.

I suppose my main interest is in the Tarot which emerged at around the time when the calendar changed from the 19th to the 20th century. It was effectively a merger of the older traditions of Tarot and Qabalah, which, from the Qabalah component, accounts for all the "nonsense" about the Tree of Life, Astrology, Alchemy, and such. I personally enjoy occult stuff, but à chacun son goût. However, it might be considerate to try to resist belittling the interests of a few of us oddballs. Just a suggestion.
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