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LRichard, I do not want to belittle anyone or anyone's interests. If my original post came across as judgemental in that way, I will most definitely apologise.

I was just trying to raise points to ponder. Points I have mused over for myself a few times, knowing there is no answer, no right or wrong etc. I accept there are going to many viewpoints - all of which are valid. Those posted here have been interesting and well articulated.

With regards the 'we' please don't take that as a literal referring to us here at AT. It was the word I chose to use as I typed to reference the direction tarot has been taken in general.

I think tarotbear and Le Fanu have come out with points that resonate with my current thoughts. I remember reading job descriptions/personal specs when applying for roles. HR really did go out on a limb to make the role sound more than it really was That the successful applicant would be able to demonstrate 101 skills and attributes for a role that was as simple as making a cup of tea. And I know they were looking for a similar reply, using the appropriate buzzwords etc. I just feel at times reading tarot can be like this, and I am not sure it needs to always be? Yet if you do have a system or systems etc - fine. I have absolutely no issue with that and do not see anyone as being a lesser or better reader for it - just different. And different is good
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