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Yes, I do think so. People bring their whole selves to tarot, and when you are really into it, you want to find ways to "improve" and reasons/excuses to interact with your deck(s) and legitimize what you are doing, so people cast around for whatever else might be added to it.

Tarot's become a fuse point, into which people plug a lot of their other hobbies, interests, and alternate/discarded career paths. It's a handy vehicle for living out paths not taken, and killing two (or a few) birds with one stone while the deck's in your hands.

It's become the egg/chicken of hobbies, in terms of versatility. Not much (that is factual) is known about it, and it's very premise is that it somehow incorporates all of life, so it's sort of bland enough to add anything else to and make it into what you want. Or, at least, that seems to be the current attitude towards it.

So, yes, it's vastly overcomplicated. Too much stuff gets incorporated. I don't think all of it is helpful. It might be fun, as part of engaging with a hobby (though it also causes a lot of stress), or several hobbies all at once, but I don't think it ultimately helps.

People add all these complicated things to their reading methods (or the decks they create, or the books they write, whatever) and are still wrong just as often as the next reader. So....
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