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Ahem, here's my try...

The Guilded Tarot

You don't need that deck--you can save your money for the Gilded Tarot, which is readily available. (Okay, I failed on that one, I think I know what you meant).

Tarot of Atlantis (not yet released)

This deck will destroy your world. You will run to and order it because you cannot wait...
You will want to discover the secrets of lost civilizations and hunt about Plato and Mediterranian legends of Atlantis in old bookstores and gently hint to others on-line that Atlantis probably isn't in the Pacific wait, that's me. (Another Failure--bad, bad Cerulean)


The Spiral Tarot

No real need for that one, because you can save for the new one by Kay Steventon, the Celestial Tarot by U.S. Games. Save the pennies for old versions of the Spiral at or half or discount...Don't dare do a search at for the cheapest price...

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