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Etteilla said in his introductory section of the original booklet accompanying the Grimaud Etteilla Tarot (first published in 1783),

"the high sciences called occult which he has professed for thirty years without interruption", having been shown the truth the about 'The Book of Thoth' in 1757. He does this "to break the silence which has been kept until the present by following the tracks and supporting the ideas of the Court de Gebelin."

It was Court de Gebelin, which carried the message of Esotericism in Tarot to Etteilla

In this way Etteilla makes it clear that he is not making an original claim, nor is he seeking credit for creativity. What Etteilla is trying to do is "demonstrate these truths" that he believes have come down from Antiquity, as declared by his friend the antiquarian scholar. (The "truths" in question, by hindsight, appear to be the linkage of the Hebrew alphabet with the Trumps. In fact it was Etteilla's students who finally completed this revelation, after their teacher died.)"

Christine never said Etteilla was the origin of these attributions, what she did say is that his students and his teachers postulated a correspondance to letters , numbers and tarot cards, that Etteilla actually did refer to AAN in his work.

"The final certification is delivered by investigating the LWB of the Grimaud Etteilla pack, wherein Masonic and Martinist references abound throughout. "

Christine doesn't claim to say what you intended to postulate Kwaw but she does infact make reference to Etteilla's strong esoteric leanings especially to French Masonry

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