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Originally Posted by GnosticTarotCards View Post
Christine doesn't claim to say what you intended to postulate Kwaw but she does infact make reference to Etteilla's strong esoteric leanings especially to French Masonry

So the table is not meant to imply that Etteilla used the 'old alexandrian' AAN in his deck? OK, thanks for clearing that up ('tis not very clear from the table alone). As for the Gebelin/Mellet influence and possible masonic interests, yes that is well known. From the information Mellet gives he appears to place the letters to the tarot sequence in reverse order - from Alef with the World to Tau with the Fool (placed at the beginning of the tarot sequence). No evidence as far as I am aware that Etteilla used this sequence either (he and a student did create an 'egyptian/cabbalistic' alphabet of their own, unrelated to the Hebrew alphabet, which does appear on his cards - for details see MikeH's translations of Etteilla elsewhere on this forum). But I am not aware of much evidence that Etteilla showed much interest in the Hebrew letter/tarot connections (which were a minor detail in Mellet's essay). The 'truths' he seemed interested in were those of the tarot's supposedly Egyptian origins. Gebelin/Mellet read the tarot sequence as an allegory in reverse order, it's possible that influenced Etteilla's re-ordering to some extent (as also some later Gebelin/Etteilla influenced oracle decks, such as the 'petite dame'). As for the LWB's that came with decks during the 19th century - much of the material in many of them is simply lifted from Gebelin/Mellet and Etteilla.
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