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"As for this atout, we number it zero, though it is placed it in the order of cards after the twenty-first, because it does not count when it is alone, and possesses ontly the value that it gives to the others, precisely like our zero: showing thus that nothing exists without its folly."

Court de Gebelin - game of tarots 1781

this says to me before Levi supposedly put a blind out there it was popular PUBLIC knowledge that Fool was LAST hence "we place it after the 21st" and cant possibly be aleph because in 1781 "it does not stand alone"

You forced me to research questioning the attributions. im glad you did.. this proves that the fool was always a cipher , what i cant find out is

why levi moved it, and how it got a Hebrew attribution. but what this proves to me is It was never, ever associated to the number 1 or Hebrew ALEPH
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