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Wow Kwaw!

That was phenomenal , we are now discussing a few words, like Christine says the differences that make the difference. Of course I could go into Rhetoric and battle from that stand point, but i'd rather not at this point. Veni Vedi Vici to you my friend!

I do have a historical question, not related to the fool but developing influences on Etteilla's "crazy" thoughts that many others seemed to validate

Why did the Europeans take such profound changes to playing cards once seeing the Mamluk pack, first by adding in a set of Queens, and then by creating a set of 22 extra cards. That seems intentional to me. Im not a historian so maybe you can shed light on that, if so then it might explain why his trumps are make-overs of the original sequence, and even though he puts them in a new order, he absolutely doesn't sever the connection to the original set. His Italian students made a deck in the decade after he died that put his illustrations back in Marseilles, called the Cartomanzia Italiana.

Maybe start there and end there for me. Mamluk, insertion of queens and Etteilla's insistance on the original sequence, but made over.

Thanks. Great job "in the game" profound research, (almost tried to refute, but.. let it be)
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