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Felix stands in a circular room with a bunch of masks hanging on the wall. None of them looks the same: they have different colours, different shapes and different facial expressions, ranging from frightening and sad to surprised and cheerful. According to Graham, Felix carved these himself. And now he has a whole assortment to choose from for every occasion.

A large window gives a view on the village (there are some roofs visible from houses nearby). Hmm. Is there anyone else that gets the feeling Felix likes to know what is going on around him? That he finds it very important to see the big picture? Maybe thatís how he decides what mask to wear, what the best attitude towards others is.

"Adaptation and transition," Graham says, but I canít help but wonder why Felix thinks he needs masks. I mean, why does he feel he canít be himself in front of others??? Is he afraid to open up and show his true, unique self? (Felix even has his very own barcode written across his face, so he definitely is unique.)

Originally posted by Molly
What I don't understand is if he does use these masks himself or just sells them to others... do you think perhaps he started off needing masks, to cover his mark... and then as time went on he became at peace with himself? So he understands the need for masks, but doesn't need them anymore himself? I looked to see if any at all would fit him... I think they are all too small..
That seems very apt, Molly! Maybe they donít fit him anymore because heís grown so much, and now realises that although we all wear many masks during our lives, trying to fit in, in the end, all that matters is whatís inside.


PS: Darwinia, your story cracked me up !

PPS: I miss all you guys Ė I wish I had this deck back when you were getting to know it together .
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