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Originally posted by spoonbender
PS: Darwinia, your story cracked me up !
Thanks, I do feel this deck brought out some crazy off-the-cuff stories in me. I look back on some of them and am amazed I really wrote them. It's a great deck, one of my favourites.

I notice this with each tarot deck, they all have their little ways of inspiring some project or other, whether related to writing or art.

PPS: I miss all you guys I wish I had this deck back when you were getting to know it together .
It is kind of sad. I notice this in groups though, there will be a pinnacle, a shining moment when people jive together and do great things. It always seems to pass, but the threads are still here, which is nice.

My theory is that much like in our personal lives, group dynamics involve a bit of down time too before the next resurgence of collective madness and creative energy. It isn't something we can sustain; I think this sort of energy would kill you literally if you tried to keep it up.

So we rest and then...FLASH...inspiration and the feeling that you can work with a group almost effortlessly occurs again.

That's pretty nice, isn't it? It seems a spontaneous thing to me, you can't force it and you can't hand pick the mix of people that makes it happen, it's a random pleasure not seen too often.

Magic. I had two graphic groups at various times that were like this. It spilled out of us and we went on tangents and one person's picture or comment sent the others off in some crazy, inspirational riff of pure magic that went on and on and snowballed into more energy.

I find groups often cruel and unrelenting in their squelching of individualism. It's a rare group that has the courage to allow the individual to shine, very rare. But it is THE essential ingredient to doing great things. I have observed this several times, so I feel it a sound theory.
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