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Hi Darwinia! Thank you for replying.

Originally posted by darwinia
It always seems to pass, but the threads are still here, which is nice.
It's very nice to be able to read these threads! It has been a great aid in getting to know the cards, and the threads give me a lot to think about. In fact, the reason I keep on replying to these threads - even though hardly anyone responds - is because I hope they will help someone one day, just like all these old threads have helped me.

My theory is that much like in our personal lives, group dynamics involve a bit of down time too before the next resurgence of collective madness and creative energy. It isn't something we can sustain; I think this sort of energy would kill you literally if you tried to keep it up.
I realize this and have seen it too. I just hope there will be a renewed interest in the Phantasmagoric soon.

Warm regards,
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