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Deck in progress: Brass & Steam (steampunk)

Hello! I posted on this forum a few years ago asking questions about work-for-hire contracts for commissioning tarot art--the upshot being that I've been working with a few artists since then, and I'm ready to show off the progress made so far!

The idea behind the Brass & Steam deck is an alternative 19th century world where Nikola Tesla (our Magician) wasn't stopped by Edison (our Devil) and ill fortune, but instead started a technological revolution that spanned the world. In short, steampunk went global. In fact, should I ever get that far, each suit of the minor arcana is meant to examine how steampunk would have looked in a variety of locales: The New World (Wands), The Old Country (Swords), The Orient (Cups), and the Dark Continent (Pentacles).

Anyway, this is definitely a labor of love--I tried to take each of the cards I've worked on so far, and reduce them to first principles (looking at Rider-Waite, Thoth, and books like "Jung and Tarot" for guidance, as well as comparing cards across my personal collection). I wouldn't say my deck is rich in symbolism, but I also wouldn't call it a purely art deck--but feel free to make your own decisions.

All the cards so far are in this album on the project's FB page:

You can also see some of the cards in their proper proportions here (an early lesson: figure out the height/width of the cards you want to make so you can tell your artists what size virtual canvas to work on ):

Feedback welcome. More to come!
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