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Thanks for the feedback, all--nice to see I'm working on something other people can enjoy. Onto your questions!

rachelcat: usually when I get a card, I know right away if it's "the one"--there have been a few times though when I just haven't been happy with the final product. The few times it's happened so far, I've ended up going back to my original artist and he's given me a version I love. Ideally I won't have multiple versions of very many cards--otherwise, this thing will take forever to finish, heh.

Briar Rose: I wouldn't call it computer-generated--more like a digital painting (although you'd have to ask the specific artists for their exact techniques). All I meant by my comment was that originally, I gave what turned out to be the wrong dimensions to my artists, so the first few pieces wouldn't look good when formatted for the long, narrow shape of a tarot card. Fortunately I figured that out before I got too far into the project, and my artist was able to re-do the incorrect pieces. D'oh!

Shade: the great thing about a steampunk tarot deck is that there are so many different ways you could do it--the other decks I've seen in progress don't look a thing like mine, thankfully! As for your question: I've commissioned 2 Magician cards, both of which feature Nikola Tesla (as envisioned by 2 different artists). The "final" version will be the one done by Alex Boca, with all the background detail and the darker colors, as opposed to the first one, which had a more plain violet background. Which is the one you preferred?
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