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It's funny, because I love the OP here, it explains a lot, but I don't like the Hierophant at all. I like this card, because it's interesting, I mean I don't like the concept.

It's tradition, and church, and order and the status quo.
Ick, I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it. I'm allergic.

I think the person that made this deck is forward thinking and put a very positive spin on this card. What I have to do to reconcile the original meaning with this art is to think of Edgar Allen Poe, who is classic lit, yet kind of cool, still.

I recoil at the idea that the Heirophant card is some kind of sage or someone with any sort of important message. Bah. ha ha ha. Don't mind me, it's not a knock on you, it's my own stuff.

It can represent employment, the company, in a spread so I don't get all these woo hoo vibes you guys are getting, but it's a great looking card. Almost better than what the necessary evil of the Hierophant deserves.

Crows are really really smart. It's amazing. So again, the author of this deck has stepped this card up to new levels. I like to think the crow is cawing "the status quo sucks! the status quo sucks! nevermore!"

Being that people generally feel guilty due to outside apparitions, maybe this card could mean that crow that makes us feel guilty like in the Poe story. That matches with the conservative nature of the Hierophant, but in this case, the crow probably gets it more right than any hubris floating around from some church or corporate culture.

Very thought provoking.
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