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Queen of Swords

Standing on a roof ledge is winged feline gargoyle and his vampire mistress. She is very simply but elegantly dressed in a flowing black gown. The breeze catches both her hair and the dress. She grasps a sword in her left hand; the blade is pointed down. Her body language and the way she holds the blade show that she knows how to use the weapon quite proficiently. She seems to be approaching the ledge, maybe to assess the situation from above. Her gargoyle servant is already peering down, and it is not happy with what it is seeing. All she needs to do is say the word…..

Dost thou foolish mortal, believe that because I am a woman you can somehow defeat me? Your ignorance is complete, and your boldness shall be your doom; for I am as mighty as any vampire before me; Lord or Lady. Now I shall smite you and drain you ‘til your mortal soul departs. Your carcass I will hang from this rampart, so that all may see and know their humanity. Your soldiers I will kill, and enslave them to my undead army where they will serve ME forever. Then all of your families will be without their men, and your children will weep tears of sadness. I shall continue on without even the slightest bit of gratification, except to know that yet another self righteous human has earned deaths reward.
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