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I do not believe the cards are anything other than pieces of heavy paper. As a psychic medium who is also an Atheist, I believe what I read is energy. Each card's symbolism emits an energy that the reader picks up on.

When shuffling the deck with a question in mind, I often find that what ever is on my mind that day attracts the energy of the corresponding cards. This, in my opinion, is like-attracts-like scenario.

As to how the cards fall into the appropriate column in a decision spread, I believe we infuse the spread with the energy of our deepest desires/fears. If column B is the desired or hoped for outcome, the like-attracts-like energy speaks through the cards. Our fears also show up through the cards this way. When the read gives you a hoped for outcome or lays your fears in front of you, you carry that energy with you into the future and create your reality as such.

Just my two pentacles.
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