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Originally Posted by LRichard View Post
To hell with established orthodoxy! So what if a certain Tree of Life (Kircher) already models both the lightning bolt of creation and the serpent path of return? Why not invent a new Tree of Life which works better, and also an entirely new tarot deck to go along with it? Originality should be the motto of postmodernism. Two plus three equals five? Forget it! Rigid orthodoxy deserves to be tossed into the pit!

Unless I missed something, the Kircher Tree that I studied for many years does not model the Lightning Flash, since there is no path from Binah to Chesed. And any Tree could include the Serpent of Return, since that is, by definition, all of the paths NOT on the Lightning Flash. Nevertheless, I find the Kircher arrangement useful for certain purposes.

There have been some interesting posts in this thread, but in the event some of the opinions are concerned with the Star Tower in particular, perhaps I should clarify.

The point of this new(er) Tree is to attempt a correlation with the Hebrew planetary letters, and the two overtly planetary trumps: the Sun and Moon. There really is only one way to do that and be consistent with the Sefer Yetzirah - the alef-bet has to start at the World trump and work backwards. The rest of the details are derived from a search for symmetry, as it relates to the Tarot.

The reason I posted this idea for a Tree diagram on this site instead of somewhere else is because it is focused on the Tarot, rather than a number of other characteristics that can be derived from the Tree of Life (no matter which version you use).

But of course, any arrangement of the Tree and Tarot is just something a person or persons came up with and thought was useful. Tradition is great until it is counterproductive. The Star Tower is no more 'correct' than any other formulation of a Tree. It has very specific goals, and very specific steps were taken to arrive at them, all of which are based in one traditional viewpoint or another. The same was done for every other Tree in history; Kircher, ARI, Gra, what have you. They're just frameworks. I have personally worked the 'Golden Dawn' version for many years before branching out into a new realm of qabalah based on Trigrammaton. I have also studied Lurianic Kabbalah, (though illegitimately - I am not Jewish but my son is). The Gra is less familiar to me - I have not worked within that system to any great extent.

The catalyst for even trying such an exercise was the recent discussion of the Gra Tree, and the lure of discovering whether one could actually align the Tarot and Alef-bet in a way that made sense, without the completely arbitrary reassignments made by the Golden Dawn. But it's not that the G.D. was 'wrong' - because there is no 'right'. My own arrangement is arbitrary in some respects also. Nevertheless, I find it interesting, and useful in terms of Tarot, and perhaps someone else will also. If not, then I've only used up a few precious hours of life creating a tree structure. I've used up far more of that valuable commodity on things that are far less interesting :-)

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