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Originally Posted by elysgrl
--Tarot for Your Self by Mary Greer. Slowly working my way through this one. Doing the exercise on lifetime year cards literally had me shaking when I realized how all the stages of my life have matched up perfectly with my ten-year tarot cycles.

I really know what you mean Denise. I am working my way through that book now too. :-)

I felt the same way about the lifetime year cards as you did. I could not beleive how much the past 5 years were so exactly what my life brought to me. And the next few years are telling me the same things that my Tarot readings have been saying will happen all along.

I have done a few for friends at work too, and they all seem so accurate. Even one who met her currect boyfriend last year and fell in love, last year was "The Lovers" for her.

It's got me amazed now. BTW, I am currently reading another book by the same author, that she coauthored with Tom Little called "Understanding the Tarot Court". I would highly recommmend this one too.:-)

All my best,

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