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What happens to me: 5 of cups
... And to think I so beat myself up over those 3 cups I lost.
I had no idea these other 2 cups would be saving me right now!

What is happening to you: Knave of Swords
You just had a brilliant revalation of enlightenment!


ETA: Sharing a story of what *REALLY* IS happening right now.....
- I was bummed because ALL my special ice pack containers got left in the freezer at the hotel on Fri. (the 3 lost cups.)
- Luckily, I put 2 old, used up ice pack containers in my suitcase. Those 2 old, used up ice packs have been SAVING me the past few days to heal from my procedure!!!!! (Now these 2 feel so special, and I now see they are not really all used "used up" as I thought.)

.... I *WAS* SO mad at myself for forgetting to double check the freezer!
.... Now I *AM* SO thankful I was intuitive enough to listen to the little notion to put the 2 "old ones" into my suitcase... At that time I was beating myself up for being a hoarder...
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