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Hanson Roberts - Rods/Wands

In the study group thread about 6 of Rods, Rachelcat included this paragrpah in the first post:
Originally Posted by rachelcat
Should we continue to discuss/wonder about why they are called rods and not wands? I agree that wands can be a bit too "magicky" for a general tarot user (that's not into magic(k)). But then why, as someone else has already pointed out, are the "rods" depicted in this deck actually Aaron's flowering staff from the Old Testament, a very magical take on the suit symbol? Wouldn't it make more sense to just depict a variety of sticks, depending on their uses (fighting staffs, king's scepter, etc.), as other decks do?
So, I start from that point, seeing the Ace of Rods is a little difficult for me to imagine this is the suit of the fire element because of the flowering edges of the rods, it makes me think that the wood is still green and won't be able to transport fire, the LWB describes this suit among other things as one of "growth, progress, advancement, animation" I suppose those characterisitcs are represented by the flowering edges, this is not an impulsive and destructive fire is more a stable fire already controlled and used wisely pretty much like rachelcat said using Aaron's staff example.
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