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"I don't like that card, so I am going to change it."


"I think I'll change the names of the suits."

You have every right to change anything you want.

{Bet you were surprised I said that!}

There is no 'Tarot Gestapo' out there. You have every right to change 500 years of archetypical tradition because you have a problem with the Devil card. Rather than work through other archetypes that may fit the card - you have every right to change it to something that will make no sense to anyone else but yourself.

Many, many moons ago AT had it's first member-created tarot deck contest thingie. There were some unusual cards created to be sure, but everyone tried to give their best reasons and understanding for why they created their card the way they did ... except for a couple of PIAs. One PIA in particular created a card (forget which it was supposed to be) with a cloud, and eyeball, and something else on it. Everyone waited for an explanation as to WHY their card had these symbols that had no connection to any realized meaning of the card. When pressed (I was the editor) the reply given by the artist was "I don't have to explain my card - it is for you to figure out!" Well, Dear Reader - that is not an answer. If 99 & 44/100 of the viewers did not understand what the card was supposed to represent - it's a failure. (Many of us suspected the artist had no idea what the card symbology was supposed to mean either - they were just being antagonistic). Needless to say - this editor over-rode them and supplied a traditional answer for the card since NO ONE was going to accept 'Figure It Out For Yourself' is the meaning of the card.

For the one deck you may someday create for your own enjoyment and personal use - go ahead and make it meaningful for you.

If you intend to someday create a deck for possible sale and it looks like it was designed for Martians or Klingons with no explanations as to where or when ... chances are no one except the extremely curious may buy it ... and they probably won't ever try to read with it. No - the world probably does not need another RWS clone (he types as he is colorizing his RWS clone deck) but it is the readability of the RWS that makes it one of the most-often knocked-off decks in the world.

If you are going to tamper with something like the Tarot - tamper with a focused mind. If you are going to change something - make sure you are adding something - not distracting something - to the Tarot. No body wants a Tarot deck that they cannot read.

... except maybe Martians & Klingons ...
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