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Originally Posted by JOdel View Post
Note: If you are actually using Photoshop. Use LAYERS. Turn any element that you are going to need to resize into a Smart Object (from the Layers menu). Smart objects can be resized up and down, over and over, *without ever losing resolution*. And when you save the file you save the smart object *as* a smart object. If you decide you need to resize it again the next time you open it, you can do so.
Yes - I do wish MS PAINT had some rudimentary form of LAYERS - I have done some pretty detailed atmospherics and if I could just do them on a layer and have it put behind everything I would be so much happier!

Believe it or not - last Black Friday - after months of research - I finally bought a digital drawing pad since I was told holding a stylus would be better for my wrists (carpel tunnel). I intended to play around with it and get to know it while I was stitching my all-important cross-stitch. When my apartment went underwater in January - everything stopped, and I am still using MS PAINT to finish the cards .... I have never plugged the digital drawing pad in! ($150.00!)
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