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Yes - I do wish MS PAINT had some rudimentary form of LAYERS - I have done some pretty detailed atmospherics and if I could just do them on a layer and have it put behind everything I would be so much happier!

Believe it or not - last Black Friday - after months of research - I finally bought a digital drawing pad since I was told holding a stylus would be better for my wrists (carpel tunnel). I intended to play around with it and get to know it while I was stitching my all-important cross-stitch. When my apartment went underwater in January - everything stopped, and I am still using MS PAINT to finish the cards .... I have never plugged the digital drawing pad in! ($150.00!)
I used a Wacom tablet in my first Photoshop class back in 1999. I got reasonably good with it. But those were ADB tablets and Apple abandoned ADB for USB right about that same time. I didn't replace my tablet until some years and at least two computers later, and by then the whole issue of trying to map a 17, or maybe it was a 21-inch screen onto a 12-inch tablet was rather too much of a chore to give it the attention that the transition would have taken. I'm perfectly willing to paint with a mouse.

My primary 3D marketplaces also carry 2D content, including some splendid Photoshop brush collections which rather a lot of people say that they can use in GIMP, which is a free program. Photoshop, even as a "single program" subscription is a considerable investment. Particularly given that it is now only available from Adobe as a subscription through Creative Cloud. Photoshop Elements -- which I think still operates on the "perpetual license" model (i.e., buy it and use it as long as it will run on your OS) can use any brushes designed for Photoshop, and also has about 80% of the features of the full program.

Adobe has a poor track record with consumer-grade software. Their consumer products are typically very good for what they do, but Adobe has a habit of losing interest and abandoning them after 3-4 years. Photoshop Elements seems to be an exception though. It's up to version 10, and I've heard no rumor that it's going away any time soon.

If you're trying to simulate analog art, Corel's Painter is the definitive standard there. But that program really *needs* a tablet.
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