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Fast and Slow Burning

I agree that the flowering rods communicate a fiery/wands feeling without the fire: creation, bursting with energy, etc. And they are lovely and mysterious! My husband is a chemistry teacher and he is always talking about how the processes of life are chemically the same as burning. Both are oxidation. And I see that one is slow and sustains life, and the other is fast and usually destroys life. So I guess that means the rods of HR are "kinder, gentler" wands.

And yes, they do kind of confuse the season issue. It seems like the only season that's obvious in the deck is swords = winter. The swords court seems to be on a windy mountaintop in November!

And I'm going to bring back in the terminology controversy. Why are they "rods" rather than "wands"? Does it matter? As I mentioned, I would personally prefer something more neutral, like "batons" to avoid self-consciously magical terms.

What do you think?
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