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Originally Posted by Lurea_aure
When I look at these definitions, the word staves seems to fit the suit meanings I use best. And it is more inclusive than wands. Interesting.
Maybe because my mother language is spanish and traslations of rods/wands in any english-spanish-english dictionary are not so different I wasn't aware the name of the suit could made that much difference, thank you for the dictionary definitions. I used to think the different names wands, rods and even staves were only used for the sake of novelty or variety, specially in RWS clones.

As for magic(k)al implications of the "wands" suit name, for me all the Tarot is a "magical" thing (I don't mean I believe magic power make it work) so to call the fire suit as "wands" seem fine, on the other hand, I don't believe there is space for a confusion just at looking the cards, the only "authentic magic wands" so to speak, in the deck are those in the hands of the Magician and the World dancer.
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