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LOL tarotbear, when I painted the Rosetta tarot, those were all card sized images. The brush probably had 3-8 hairs though, not 1! But it was a teeny tiny brush that's for sure!

What that taught me (besides not to try that again haha) was how to balance a composition for a small space. I think the problem with when artists work big and then shrink stuff down is that they put in details that won't look good shrunken or will get lost, or forget about how it will look when reduced. I had a hard time getting faces and bodies right with Rosetta though, it was just way harder to draw expressions and proportions right at that size. When a face is the size of a sunflower seed or a hand the size of an apple seed, it just gets crazy looking. I am finding that part much easier working at a slightly larger size.

For Tabula Mundi, I am working bigger than card size but less than 8x10. This is a good size because it isn't so big that stuff is lost in translation but big enough not to have to hunch over the image holding my breath every time I work. What I have noticed though is this - if a detail is smaller than a sesame seed, don't bother as when shrunk it will not be visible enough.
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