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Discussion Thread for: The Making of a New AT Collab Deck

New: February 6th, 2015

Please Note

We're very excited to welcome REALL as our new Technical person!

All contributors should PM Reall via A.T. FORUM with the dropbox link to their card design and LWB. Or, if you don't have a dropbox account, you can send the images directly to Reall's email address so she can add it to the shared folder.

Here is the link to the new shared folder in dropbox.

If you prefer that your artwork is not shared, please notify Reall.


At the moment Flames and reall will be the main contact persons for the deck.


This thread is only for discussion!!! Please post no cards you want to create in this thread!

Poll for technical details:

Hi folks!

Tadaaa: We want to make a new AT collaborating deck!

Please post here your ideas, wishes, remarks.

My thoughts are:

(1) I need 6 people for the team, which organises the creating process. At least two members of them should be a bit experienced (participation of earlier creating of an AT deck).

Every person of the team has to take care of 13 cards (take care of the creators of these cards). All together the sum is the 78 cards.

(2) At least there have to be 50 persons, which are interested in creating one or more cards before we can start the project. For collecting, who is interested in, we will start a new thread in the Creating Forum.

Here's the link: Sign-up for the fifth AT collaborative deck

(3) If, and only then, one creator has completed one card, he/she may take a second one. But please, let us know, if you are thinking AT THE MOMENT that you maybe would take a second or third card. That is not a promise, only for estimation how many people maybe would create more than one card.

(4) We will act in the sense of Gregory's suggestion and will be working without any theme. Every creator has full freedom to bring their own imaginations to the reality.

That are the rules...Please let us discuss the rules in these thread!

The Team:

-Teammembers: Gulliver, Reall, Flames, Starlightexp, Daphne, Marirowana.
-Tech Support: Annabel398

ETA: Poll for the technical details:


The Poll has been closed now at the request of the organizers and they have also sent this to post, the results:
Artwork Specs

Your art should be 750 pixels wide by 1225 pixels tall at 300dpi.
(If you want to work larger than life size, you can do 1000x1633 at 400dpi)

Your art should be 2-1/2" wide by 4-1/16" tall.
or 63mm wide by 104mm tall.
Want to work larger than life size? Try 5" x 8-1/8" (or 127mm x 207mm) and scan at 50%

The ratio of width to height should be 30:49.

You don't have to worry about "safe area" or "bleeds"--because we're doing borders in post-production, you can just design to the exact space listed above.

Please include the text for in the LWB as well.

Deadline: March 15, 2015

ETA: Link for Artwork specs and technical questions:


ETA: Link for the deck in progress:
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