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Originally Posted by cailleach View Post
The cards look amazing, its wonderful to see all the different styles and different interpretations, they are really beautiful :-) Here is my offering for the High Priestess, I haven't done the LWB entry yet, but I'll add it soon
Oh love her crown of flames! And the way she floats, ever so still, in that sacred space between two trees, two worlds. To me, the red in her reveals her inner power. Most people think she's passive and inactive but I don't feel that's quite so true. This figure works hard and behind the scenes and her task is great. Your image is so mysteriously beautiful. I'm also drawn to the grey veil. My understanding is that "grey" is associated with Duality because it's created when Black and White are combined. It represents Wisdom. I like the different keys hanging from her wrists and it makes me wonder what mysteries they might unlock...Thanks for sharing!
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