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Originally Posted by Aoife View Post
As I said in the opening post, in "Tarot of The Heart" Thompson, Mueller & Echols say,
"In Jungian psychology, the presence of male and female figures directs our attention to internal male [animus] and female [anima] energies and the retreating adult tells us this is a recognition and developmental joining that we can only do alone. He cannot protect us".

I guess in some readings the motivation of the guard may be of particular importance? Do you have any real life reading experiences to contribute?
Here is my real life example for you:

The man walking away in the card was symbolic of my dad, and after telling me what he thought about the guy in question (represented by the little boy) he left me to make my own decision. That is actually probably how I will always remember my dad in my memories -- watching him from the back walking away (in this nice way). He has always been the type (since I have been older) to tell me what he genuinely thinks if I ask and then he will leave me to figure things out and decide myself without his own bias or without imposing what he wants for me.

In my situation here with the 6 of Cups, I was represented by the little girl, and I ended up being the one in control of things here as a customer. The four cups in the foreground represented a car lot with all the 'usuals' lined up, the guy was offering me another that I may have taken, but the one I really wanted, was the one up on the pedestal behind him. And even though its not depicted by the card imagery, he ended up giving me the one I really wanted... the one on the pedestal. Perhaps it was in him having the power to do something nice since he knew what I really wanted here.

Overall, the experience with the 6 of Cups here was pleasant for me. I still have the car, and I still love it. I have nothing but good things to say about the man who sold it to me or the car lot I got it from, and my dad was a trusted influence just passing through here on the situation, as the man walking away in the background.
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