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Originally Posted by ematuskey View Post
Heh, it's hard to argue with that logic! Honestly, the main reason I'm thinking border (aside from tradition) is the fact that my minor arcana, if fully illustrated, would be more like Future Solleone than RW--ie no multiples of the suits in the artwork--so I need to come up with an alternative way to make it clear which suit you're looking at. Long-term exposure to collectible card games gave me the idea of different colored borders (ie, red for wands, green for pentacles, blue for cups, etc). but I think for the major arcana at least, borderless is the way to go. Thanks for the feedback!
Personally, I would have consistent borders on the deck. If minors have borders, and majors don't, it makes the deck un-trimmable. I have a few decks I'd like to trim but can't, because of inconsistent border sizes. It drives me bonkers.
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