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Originally Posted by MikeH View Post
Nice work, Kwaw. Thermidor of year X would be in July of 1807. The year started on Sept. 22.

I was going by wiki, here:

Thermidor An X gives between 20th July to 18 August, 1802.

Generally I get the idea that the republican calendar was not much used after 1805, standard dating appears to be mostly used in references I have seen after then.

I am not sure why you consider 1802 too early for Gueffier?

re: Quérard, those dates are for the original publication. The names of Gueffier & Petieux refer to later booksellers/publishers of the relevant books/games. The dates I give of 1802, 1806, 1817 etc., refer to the earliest mention I can find of the relevant material being available from them.

P. 114 of Wicked Pack mentions Peytieux as "newly established" in 1827, selling the deck with other works for fr. 36 and by itself for fr. 6.0. That is what you have for 1817!
Well, I think they have that wrong. Gueffier acquirng that material in 1817 and those prices are also recorded in a pubic notice of a Mutation des Fonds.

Peytieux obtained the rights and stock for two Etteilla related items from Gueffier in February 1823 (it is recorded as an official Mutations des Fonds). By December his offices at 'passage du Cairo' are up for sale. Enticingly his later address is recorded as "chez Peytieux, galerie Delorme, n.11 et 13."

Probably coincidence? (I am thinking of the Type II Etteilla by 'Delorme' at the BnF.)

And he certainly was beyond being 'newly established' in 1827, here is a publication of his from 1789!

Nina, Ou La Folle Par Amour: Comédie En Un Acte, En Prose, Mêlée D'Ariettes
by Benoît-Joseph Marsollier des Vivetières, Nicolas Dalayrac
Peytieux, 1789 - 36 pages

'Newly Established' perhaps, in terms of his recent change of address from passage du Cairo to Galerie Delorme.

Re: Mme. Finet

I can only find one record for her in the Cary-Yale collection:

Record ID 688

Country of Manufacture France

Standard N

Suit System French

Type Cartomancy

Catalog Number FRAsheet176

Maker Mme. Finet, rue de l'Arbre Sec No. 26, Paris

Date of Manufacture 1840(circa)

Originator None

Name of Originator None


73 x 49 mm. (card); standard cards 11 x 9 mm.; 450 x 327 mm. (sheet).

Stance of Court Cards - Single Figure

Process - Engraving, hand coloration of one sheet.

Back - plain

Borders - Square

Composition of Deck
Two sheets, each: 36 [A, K, Q, J, 10-7], with 4 Consultante cards.

Notes and References
D. Hoffmann and E. Kroppenstedt 1972, pp. 140, 144, nos. 65, 68.

Note re: the address Mme. Finet, rue de l'Arbre Sec No. 26, Paris, it is the same as that for Robert who produced a similar game c.1810
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