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Of course I had read your post and I was aware of the 1793 edition as I posted the information about an available version of the Scheible 1857 edition. So I am not sure what you mention it again.
This thread has quite eine überwältigende Unmenge and Informationen! (an overwhelming vast amount of informations)

I find it very curious that Helmut Werner as the editor of the modern version does not mention the Baumgärtner 1793 edition.
Sorry ... somehow you expressed it in a manner, that I imagined you didn't. Yes, the thread has too much posts. It becomes too difficult to find things.

The attention about the Baumgärtner deck is from recent time ... DDD hasn't the name in the register, but reports the deck and book (p. 113) and also the name Baumgärtner. And there is a deck in the British Museum.
Actually I might have brought it up at 9th of May 2012 in a friendly Tarotforum, when I curiously in the research about Grasset-St.Sauveur stumbled about an pdf-file about an exhibition in Mainz.

I found this:

That's the first Etteilla deck in Germany (Baumgärtner 1793) ... in an archive in Mainz
Following on this is ... (but not related)

This is given as having been in the possession of an earlier Mainzer mayor (? ... who possibly had also the Etteilla?)
The pdf-address is
... and the date of publication is 2008.

Baumgärtner had started his publishing house just in this year 1793 and had success with his enterprise.


Inspired by thisdialogue I attempted to find the Baumgärtner deck of the British Museum ... no success. But what I found is this ...

Grasset St. Sauveur is given as the producer of an Etteilla deck in c. 1800 ...

Object type print playing-card

Museum number: 1896,0501.715.1-32
Description: Incomplete piquet pack with 31 of 32 playing-cards for cartomancy (Etteilla), plus one extra card

Hand-coloured etching
Backs: plain
Circa 1789-1804
Producer name: Published by: St Sauveur
School/style: French
Date: 1800 (circa)
Production place: Paris(Europe,France,Ile-de-France (département),Paris)
Dimensions: Height: 78 millimetres Width: 54 millimetres

Each card has in its centre a representation of a smaller card surrounded by various words and numbers. The pack has one extra card with "No. 1 Etteilla ou le Questionant" which bears the address "Chez le Cen. (citoyen) St Sauveur, Rue Nicaise...a Paris".

Curator's comments: This pack is similar in character to 1896,0501.709. That it was made during the period surrounding the Revolutionary War is evident by St Sauveur's title of 'Citizen' .The missing card is the ace of diamonds.
Rue Nicaise ...
I've confirmation for the address of Grasset-St.Sauveur as Rue Nicaise in 1796 (possibly also in others years), since 1798 he uses the Maison la France at rue Coq-heron, from which he gave announcements for the POdD.

Maybe I'd this result earlier, but the older research is 3 years ago and I forgot a few things about it.
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