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As I said, an incomplete summary, trying to catch up. I will add the others and references as as soon as I have the time.

There is a notice for l’art de tirer des cartes, with a pack of cards (number of cards not given), from Deroy in “le nouveliste litteraire des science et des artes” by Morin, 18th February 1797 here:

Another notice in the Journal de Paris, December 1796:

Tuesday 6 December, 1796 issue, to be exact:

According to the BnF the first edition was in 1796; there was a second edition in 1798.

Second edition

The first edition has a somewhat critical review in he 'Revue encylopedic' 1796:

Some additional information courtesy of Thierry Depaulis (in response to some of my enquiris to him) :


The first edition of Le Petit Oracle des Dames / Petit Etteilla was published in 1797 as:

Petit oracle des dames / Petit Etteilla, jeu de 42 cartes, avec livret Tableaux mobiles des jeux de fortune, ou l'Art de lire dans l'avenir avec sûreté par le rapprochement des événemens qui démontrent sans réplique l'art chronomancique. A Paris, Chez l'Auteur, rue Nicaise Nr. 513. An cinquième / 1797.
No publisher. (Two copies in private collections)
Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur is certainly the author.
The accompanying booklet hugely draws on Etteilla's "testament": Etteilla, ou l'art de lire dans les cartes, 1791, with the original cartonomancie being substituted for cartomancie.


Deroy seems to have taken over Grasset de Saint-Sauveur's publications. He remained Grasset's main publisher, but died in 1801.
His stock was dispersed; Gueffier clearly bought the rights for Le Petit Oracle des Dames.
As a consequence:
(here quoting the summarised timeline above that I sent to him)
1801, 13 April – Le Petit Oracle des Dames (chez boulevard Cerutti, No.21 (Gueffier) the rights of which are later (Mutations des Fonds - February
1823) acquired by M. Peytieux, libraire, passage du Caire, n.121, à Paris, from Gueffier jeune).

Gueffier jeune (i.e. Pierre-Charles-Augustin Gueffier, d. 1803/4), was succeeded by his widow, the Veuve Gueffier, who died in 1809 (a probate inventory is in our Archives Nationales), then by their son Gueffier jeune no. 2 (or Gueffier fils), who bought the remaining stock of Etteilla's books in 1817, as your rightly pointed out, and later (1823) sold Le Petit Oracle des Dames and Le Veritable Etteilla to Philippe-François Peytieux.

end quote from Thierry Depaulis (private email).
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