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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
Thanks for this information! I would surely keep this in mind when I make a moldavite purchase. Pietersite is a good pair option, a solar plexus/third eye chakra stone that can ground you without acting as too much of a damper on the moldavite's potency. I guess though that in order for it to be a good grounding stone it has to be reddish?
hmmm...mine isn't. I've never heard that either.

Speaking of pietersite, I have a bracelet that is predominantly blue and red, and it is a thing of absolute beauty. I really can't help looking at it again and again, it just looks so marvelous. And the swirls - it's like a gaseous planet shrunk to the size of a vividly-colored stone. As a stone of truth, it will be powerful in divinatory rituals. As the stone of storms, it appeals to a natural phenomenon I cannot say I am completely averse to.

Just a question though, is super seven naturally that pricey? I have been shown a bracelet that is not too vivid, but which does look like a pale super seven. Its seller is reputable and swears as tonits authenticity, but the piece is not terribly expensive (about two thirds of the price of a fine iolite bracelet). I guess it might be an average/slightly below average super seven? I have heard that it is incredibly hard to fake.
I didn't spend a lot on it, I know. I can't recall how much I did spend though. Both of mine came from a lady here on A.T. and they are a good size each of them. I absolutely love them. I've gotten other crystals from her too and all of them come with good energy. However I can't recall what I payed. I never spend a lot of money on things like that though, so I'd guess under $30.00 for the pair.
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