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Originally Posted by Naomi Ningishzidda View Post

Anyways I thank you all for trying the deck, it was surprising to learn anyone at Aeclectic forums would purchase it. Our target audience was Mutational Alchemists.
I can't speak for everyone else, but the priorities for me when buying decks are 1) quality of artwork, which is turn will make a deck usable or not 2) innovation, 3) good card stock, 4) a sprinkling of magic, whether in the artwork or the substance of the deck. It should come as no surprise that people on AT would like it, as there are many collectors and appreciators of art here!

Yes I know that for you the purpose of this deck is to communicate your work at Abrahadabra, but your art alone, even seen without this work, still makes this a very thought provoking deck with a broad appeal.
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