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Originally Posted by Naomi Ningishzidda View Post
I don't know if we'll reprint them yet, as we already have another two decks in mind, and I am on a two year deadline for The Mutational Alchemy book, but I am surprised to hear you would like to see a larger size, I already have trouble handling them so I assumed most people would be put off by that.

For whatever reason, our contact at Shenzhen was pushing the size we have, which is quite a bit bigger than we originally intended - the first sizing was a little larger than Thoth and based on the Golden Mean. It may be that they had die cuts for that size already from doing other runs - they printed the Victorian Romantic tarot for Baba Studios and probably do tons of other decks as well but, the paper quality makes a difference in what you get. Anyways it really depends on how the deck sells this year. If it continues at this pace we'll be sold out before the end of the year. Im clueless as to what is good sales and I have to turn down all of the wholesale requests until that happens, if it happens.

I would try to just print a one-off for you at cost from some bespoke publisher but we had a hell of a time finding a printer in the USA who would take on nude art. won't do it and they are the only "one off" printer I know of.

If anyone ever reading this needs me to walk them through the publishing ordeal you know where to find me. I had to figure it out from the ground up and had success beyond what I could have hoped for as far as print quality and getting what I wanted from the printer so Im totally willing to share about my experiences.

The Prince of Staves is a hothead so I don't think he would forgive me for the bunny ears. I cannot for the life of me remember why that was done either - obviously some forum joke from the thread, there was a lot of horsing around in there

I think it might relate to him being commented about as being like the "Ustur hare" from the Sumerian spring feast of Ustur. If we look at his planets Mars in the below Ouranos in the above, he has an ascending quality and is Air of Fire, so very hot, the original background was too rocky.
Your deck at the moment is perfect for using and shuffling, so a larger deck would be purely for study and admiring
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