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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000 View Post
It is not suited to the interests of Minderwiz.
What not suited to Astrology???

As long as a beginner can switch off the stuff that's only relevant to intermediate or advance students and Keep It Simple, I've no objections whatsoever. No, you can't take this very far in a traditional context but you can at least do the basics to understand the nature of a chart.

I started with the Halloran's Astrology for Windows, that Dave mentioned and that is not free (there's a registration fee involved to use all of the features) I found that very useful as a beginner and if Dave reckons it's better than that, then go for it.

A word of warning about included interpretations:

They can help the beginner in the very early stages of learning, but only if you are prepared to examine closely the reasoning on which the interpretation is based. By analysing the interpretation you can see why the author reached the conclusion that they did. That's a learning step.

However if you simply accept the interpretation and don't analyse it, you won't learn anything, indeed doing that will prevent learning, not aid it because you'll just take it as gospel. It's the same as copying out the keywords or phrases from a cook book without thought.

Once you've understood where the interpretation comes from, the next stage is to look and see if that interpretation is widely held and what other Astrologers would say. That's not a Modern v Traditional point, it holds for all approaches. Each Astrologer adds something of their own to their interpretations. You will find subtle differences and different nuances. Exploring them is a further learning experience but has to be done in an analytical way. Dissect the interpretation and then see if you can see how the bits fit together.

BTW Dave is giving copies of the program away free with each copy of his book And I hope he does a post or two about it when it's up for publication.
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