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A interesting idea

Once my book is ready to go, I will post charts that show how the book's ideas and this 'new' approach to lunar returns works. I will use StarFisher.

What I am thinking is to create a StarFisher blog site wherein I can post examples of how to use the various features, with examples. This program is just too good to be left someplace in a quiet graveyard. I don't understand the business model for pouring so much effort into a project like this and then leaving it as open-source freeware. I'm glad it was done. But, I don't understand it.

What I do understand is that for most new, beginners, early-studies and semi-serious astrologers who can't afford a high-end package such as Kepler (my favorite tool) or other high-functionality (and costs) software, this is the package that should be on everyone's computer. Forget the Internet, forget the other free stuff.

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