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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000 View Post
I don't understand the business model for pouring so much effort into a project like this and then leaving it as open-source freeware. I'm glad it was done. But, I don't understand it.
It's probably using Swiss Ephemeris, which is free for free software (GPL style), but $750+ if you intend to market something that uses it. And if it's built on GPL code, it's a closed case already. Another reason may be, why not? Has humanity decayed so thoroughly that utilizing the nearly-zero marginal cost of distributing software to give a gift to anybody who wants it is questioned as a symptom of irrationality? And what better motivation can the marketed programs find to improve themselves and earn their keep than a free alternative that may eat their lunch if they don't?

It does little good for me, though. I tried StarFisher on Wine (Linux) and aside from the chart, everything else seemed to vanish after being visible for an instant, so somehow the program manages to draw text and boxes with aspect symbols in them in a way that Wine doesn't expect. That's a shame because it looked better than OpenAstro (don't get me started) and Maitreya (intended for Jyotish, okay for basic Western charts but little more).
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