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Quick Test

Originally Posted by dadsnook2000 View Post
It is not suited to the interests of Minderwiz.
Just to test if Dave was right, I downloaded and installed Starfisher. The first think I noted during the easy install (Dave was right about that) was that it offered a choice of primary approach, one of which was 'Traditional' (so was Dave wrong about my interests not being catered for?). I ticked that and completed the registration.

I cast my own chart, simply to compare it with other paid for programs. It came out with a spot on Ascendant. So that's it's first tick. Finding my place of birth required a search, as it wasn't on it's Quick List. That's not surprising at all. But once found, using the Atlas search function, it can be added to the Quick List. This approach is almost identical to Morinus, though StarFisher has a slight edge in terms of being able to select the country and search within it.

With the chart up, I went into Tools and selected my default bodies. This allowed me to get rid of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. and checking the list of possible bodies and points I found that most of the selections offered were fixed stars - great for horary. Very interestingly, it offered not only the Lot (Part) of Fortune (both day/night and day only) but it also offered the Lot (Part) of Spirit (again both day/night and day only). It took me an age to get Solar Fire to display that, so this is a very big tick. Even Morinus doesn't show it as a default option, it needs to be programmed in.

A test against Delphic Oracle showed both Lots to be perfectly calculated (OK DO shows seconds of arc, but I'm absoluely sure that Star Fisher has that accuracy held internally).

What it doesn't offer is the ability to add further Lots (as Morinus does) nor does it (as far as I can tell on a firs play) offer the other essential dignities.

I can see why Dave is over the Moon with the Returns feature. I haven't played with it yet, but will try it out.

Is it as good as Morinus (full edition)? For my usage,I would say not, and it's definitely not up to Morinus Traditional but it is a good program with useful features and something that a beginner should consider seriously.

Given that it's free, there's absolutely no reason why both Morinus and Starfisher could not be used together to analyse charts. Don't think of it as an exclusive choice. There are few Astrology programs that satisfy every user completely (indeed I can't think of one). But the Morinus (full version) and Starfisher combination would be a great one for the beginner and intermediate student.
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