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Originally Posted by MikeH View Post
Thanks for the link to the "coffee grounds" book and deck, Kwas. I didn't know that thread, and it's something I've been hoping to see. And thanks for the warning about the Dusserre, Freddie. To me the book is as important as the deck, sometimes more so.
I am not sure if all of the books that come with this deck are messed up like mine. I did email the seller and ask for a new correct instruction book. The seller offers the deck on their French website and I hope they will give me another book.

The Dusserre book is really good from what parts I could read as it is missing cards 1-7 and most of the swords and coins descriptions/meanings. It has repeat pages stapled into it and at first I was hoping that I could just undo the staple and put the pages back in dice...

I can already read with the deck as I have the Lo Scarabeo version, but I know the book to this one would deepen the experience.

Thanks all,

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