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I have only received this tarot last week. I really love it, I could feel a definite energy upon opening.

The stream flowing calmly in front of her suggests that to me that this woman is content and previous experiences have bought her a modicum of inner peace.
Her red dress with a green lining could suggest a readiness for new experiences and a need for growth.
She would be able to meet any new experiences with inner passion (red dress) and also be able to draw up past lessons in order to learn and grow. The multicolor scarf and belt suggests that to me.
She may be unaware of this though as she is not looking at the offered cup. Instead she is looking at the reader as if asking for direction.
She also has a red rose tucked into her hair. I think that may also be an indication that she has some emotions brewing, ready to spill out in the 5 of cups.
In the bottom right hand corner there is something, I cant quite make it out. Maybe a flower or a small animal?
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