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Sharla, I'm also a beginner in Lenormand, and I have read somewhere online where this is true just as you present it. However, its not always easy for me to not assign more then one meaning to the house. So, I still treat the house like the card meaning--but for a more clearer picture of what it is about--I will also look at the cards surrounding it--esp. if the G.T. was for a broad topic--like "The Grand Tableau for the month of**".

If I was doing a Grand Tableau for a specific focus, such as "Mrs. Y's future employment", then yes, more of a specific assignment of the meaning is easier to assign each house. So, in that light, the "Fish" card would be about the financial end of that future employment.

I could be doing it all wrong though--but I've never been able to find anything in a book or on the web to explain how to handle this situation--so I imagine its up to the reader. Same as in tarot-where people will have the typical 78 card Rider Waite based deck, but one person could have one meaning for the specific major card of say "the magician" and another person has a totally different one of their own. The first person might see the magician as a bit of a trickster where as the 2nd person sees the magician as someone who always seems to be able to handle things and get the best out of what life deals them.

hope you can follow me. I'll pay attention to this thread because I think its a great question and perhaps someone here who reads the Lennies will have a better answer that will make sense and help both of us learn!
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