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Originally Posted by desertrat View Post
Welp, DV's Butterfly Oracle is extremely disappointing. The butterflies are beautiful. The flowers are beautiful. The keywords are ludicrous. It seems to be geared towards older people with such titles as "Retirement", "New Exercise Program", "Adult Children" and "Parental Care". *bad words* Excuse me, but who needs oracle cards to tell them to care for their elderly parents or to plan for retirement. Grrr...... I need to find a way to replace these ridiculous keywords with my own. I feel like the images are too lovely to give up on.

Ugh that's such a shame. I'm in my mid 20s...that won't mesh with me at all and I'm afraid I won't have much I can go off of just on pictures of butterflies. I'd give it to a friend but I can't see any of mine benefitting from a deck like this, even friends who are older than myself..

How many are there that are that specific? Maybe I can salvage it by removing those cards.

This deck could have had potential.
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