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Originally Posted by desertrat View Post
No, TreeLeafe, you likely wouldn't mesh with this deck at all.

Let's see, the most aggravating cards for me are:
Adult children
Body changes
Dietary change
Family changes
Gracefully aging
Health-care change
Grief work
Moving (the guidebook actually specifies a change in residence)
New exercise program
Parental care
Self-employment (this card is instructing you to quit your job and be self employed ?!)

So that is 15 out of 44 cards that seem rather useless.

Have DV guidebooks have become more annoying over the years, or am I just growing more particular? Seems like there's a lot more preaching about diet and "detoxing". I rarely bother reading them any longer.

Remember, TreeLeafe, you can always return the deck unopened for a refund.
Wow. Thats awfully disappointing! I've never been one to bash DV. I always knew her decks were not for everyone and even some of them I didn't quite care for but this is a new low for her. It doesn't seem well thought out and more like she's trying to increase sales rather than develop a deck for life changes. Oh well. It'll be a while before I buy one of her decks again.

I just tried to get a refund and apparently it would cost as much as the deck to do so. So I'm stuck with it!
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